Sage M14 / M1A EBR Enhanced Battle Rifle Chassis w/ Telescoping Stock

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Sage M14 / M1A EBR Enhanced Battle Rifle Chassis w/ Telescoping Stock

If you’re in the market for a high-quality rifle chassis, then the Sage M14/M1A EBR Enhanced Battle Rifle Chassis is definitely worth checking out. This particular model comes with a telescoping stock for added customization and versatility. The chassis itself is built to last, made of aircraft-grade aluminum that will stand up to even the toughest conditions. It also features multiple rails for attaching accessories like scopes, lights, and grips. Whether you’re a professional shooter or just someone who enjoys spending time at the range, this rifle chassis has everything you need to take your shooting game to the next level. Plus, its sleek design makes it look pretty darn cool too!


Sage International has modernized the M14 / M1A with their Enhanced Battle Rifle Chassis. Featuring Picatinny rails, a pistol grip, and a telescoping stock, this stock dramatically alters the look & feel of your M14 / M1A.


  • Chassis is precision machined from a solid billet of high-strength aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Standard M14 and M1A actions are easily installed using existing M14 tools, making the conversion a true drop-in.
  • Rigidity of the chassis increases accuracy and reliability.

Operating Rod Block

  • Precision machined from ordnance grade steel and designed to interface in close tolerance with the aluminum stock chassis.
  • Additional stock bedding is eliminated by the op-rod block being joined to the chassis by three 1/4″ screws and the standard trigger mechanism.
  • Increases reliability and tighter groups.

Collapsible Stock

  • Straight-line recoil decreases muzzle jump and felt recoil.
  • Adjustable length of pull facilitates the use of body armor and stock fits for all shooters.
  • Full-size soft recoil pad.
  • 1913 Picatinny rail above the pistol grip is engineered to provide close-eye relief for night vision modules.
  • Thumb release facilitates fast and easy opening.

Sling Mounting Points

  • All sling mounting points are steel.
  • Three ambidextrous 1-1/4″ sling slot locations:
  • Movable front plate.
  • Ambidextrous sling position located between the chassis and the collapsible stock, above the pistol grip.
  • Rear ambidextrous sling mount at the butt end of the collapsible stock under the cheek rest.

Adjustable Cheek Rest

  • Robust glass-filled polymer full contour cheek rest.
  • 2″ vertical adjustment in 1/4″ increments.
  • The cheek rest is field adjustable, using the tip of a 7.62mm bullet.
  • A convenient self-stowing tensioning wrench releases the cheek rest for adjustment and eliminates cheek rest movement when in its stowed position.

Sighting and Optical Mounting Surfaces

  • All mounting surfaces are Mil-Spec 1913 Picatinny Rail.
  • 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock rail.
  • 6 o’clock rail.
  • 12 o’clock one-piece machined top with integral rail.
  • Collapsible stock main body-1.75″ 1913 rail.

Detachable Forearm

  • Formed KYDEX construction.
  • Easily removed from stock chassis.
  • Built-in palm swell.
  • Minimizes heat transfer generated by high firing rates.
  • Accepts Sage International, Ltd. vertical foregrip when the detachable forearm is mounted.

The stock features the five-screw top cover & ERGO Grip.


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