About Shotguns
Powerful Performance with Shotguns

Whether you’re hunting birds, slugging deer, or out at the trap range, you need a shotguns with reliable and accurate performance. No matter what gauge you’re looking for, find your next shotgun at SCHEELS. Featuring top brands like Benelli, Beretta, Stoeger, and Mossberg, SCHEELS offers shotguns in a variety of makes and styles. Whether you prefer a traditional wood finish or modern synthetic, you’ll find the perfect shotgun to take out to the field or shooting park.


If you’re looking for powerful performance for waterfowl or upland hunting, shop our selection of 12-gauge and 20-gauge shotguns. With a variety of available features, like adjustable recoil pads and built-in sling swivels, you’ll find the best shotgun for your next hunt. If you’re after small game or looking for added challenge at the trap range, check out a .410 shotgun. Available in a variety of actions, like lever, pump, and semi-auto, these shotguns deliver reliable precision. Whatever your style or shooting activity, you can depend on a powerful new shotgun from SCHEELS.

What are shotguns used for?

Shot gun, smoothbore shoulder weapon designed to fire a number of pellets, or shot, that spread in a diverging pattern after they leave the muzzle. It is used primarily against small moving targets, especially birds.
Can a shotgun kill you?
Our ballistics expert says that a shotguns fired at close range is the most lethal firearm of the whole lot used by hunters. For ex- ample if you hung a Winnipeg telephone directory against a solid back- ground like a fence and fired No. 4 shot at it from a distance of 4o yards the shot would go right through the book.

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