Buy Mossberg 510 Youth Mini Super Bantam All Purpose Pump Shotgun For Sale

The Mossberg 510 Youth Mini Super Bantam All Purpose Field Pump-Action Shotgun offers young hunters a rugged, highly functional and versatile pump-action shotgun. The 510 Mini is basically a Model 500® pump shotgun scaled down for youth and smaller-framed shooters. The synthetic buttstock uses a stock spacer system to adjust the LOP (length of pull) from 10.5″-11.5″, providing young shooters with the correct fit as they grow. The pistol grip has a tighter radius to lessen the distance from the grip to the trigger, and the forearm also sits farther back to accommodate for a shorter reach. An included extended magazine plug prevents loading shells into the magazine, turning the gun into a single shot, if so desired for youth firearm training. The stock, fore-end, and barrel are finished in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country® camo. Similar to the ultra reliable Model 500, the Model 510 uses dual action bars, dual extractors, an anti-jam shell elevator, and a large locking lug for a solid steel-to-steel, bolt-to-barrel connection. Hunters can reach the top-mounted safety quickly with the thumb of either hand, making it naturally ambidextrous. The Mossberg 510 Youth Mini Super Bantam All-Purpose Field Pump-Action Shotgun comes with a vent rib barrel with dual beads, and 3 Accu-Set screw-in choke tubes (F, M, IC). A recoil pad aids in shooting comfort and sling swivel studs provide attachment points for a sling. The action cycles 2-3/4″ and 3″ shotshells interchangeably.

  • Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo
  • Adjustable stock spacer system
  • Tightened pistol grip
  • Easy-to-reach forearm
  • Recoil pad, and sling swivel studs
  • Ambidextrous, top-mounted safety
  • Shoots both 2-3/4″ and 3″ shotshells

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