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DWX Compact 9mm Dan Wesson Firearms

DWX Compact 9mm It started as an experiment — a grand melding of Dan Wesson and CZ pistols. Borrowing the crisp single action fire control group of a DW 1911 and combining it with the ergonomics and capacity of a CZ, the resulting pistol emerged as something great.

Designed initially for competition use, the DWX Compact 9mm has evolved into much more than that, with both full-size and compact variants. Its locked breech barrel system is simple, ditching the standard 1911 link system and using CZ-style takedown via the slide stop. The easier take-down will be familiar to any hammer-fired CZ owner, as is removing the Match-grade barrel due to the bushing-less barrel system that resembles a P-10 or P-09/P-07. Double-stack magazines boost the capacity to 15+1 with flush bases, and many standard 1911 parts enable gunsmiths and competitive shooters to tune the X just the way they like it. Sights are easily customized, using a 1911-style dovetailed sight in the front and a CZ Shadow 2 style sight cut in the rear. The swappable mag release expands upon the user configuration.

With the grip angle and contours that have made the CZ 75 a stand-out in the realm of pistol ergonomics, the DWX is a natural fit to most hands. The compact DWX can utalize grips from a CZ 75 Compact. Corresponding magwells for the 75 series are compatible as well.
With so many ways to tune and customize, the DWX is sure to shine!

Compact DWX pistols use a magazine based on the CZ 75 Compact.


  2. DWX C 9MM RAIL 10RD
  3. DWX C 9MM
  4. DWX C 9MM 10RD


  • SKU:        92101
    Model:      DWX C 9MM RAIL
    Caliber:     9mm
    Magazine Capacity:     15
    Frame Material:     Forged Aluminum
    Slide Finish:    Duty Finish
    Grips:       Aluminum
    Overall Length:     7.47 in
    Barrel Length:    4
    Height:      5.21 in
    Width:     1.24 in
    Weight:     28.5 oz
    Trigger Mech:    Single Action
    Front Sight:      Front Night Sight
    Rear Sight:     U Notch
    Safety:           Manual Thumb Safety
    MSRP:        $1,799
    Product Name:      DWX C 9MM RAIL


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