Mossberg FLEX 500 All Purpose 12 Gauge Pump Action Shotgun For Sale Online

The Mossberg FLEX 500 pump-action shotgun is a very popular gun because it does so much that’s so right at an affordable bang for the buck price range. The FLEX 500 is actually a small family of three guns: the FLEX 500 All Purpose, FLEX 500 Super Bantam – All-Purpose and the FLEX 500 Youth Combo Field/Deer.

Let’s start with the name. The FLEX moniker comes from the gun’s easy adaptability and interchangeability of certain components and accessories for not only the 500 series of guns, but also Mossberg’s own FLEX-22 Rimfire Autoloading Rifle and the MVP FLEX Centerfire Bolt-Action rifles.

FLEX accessories include forends, pistol grips, butt-stocks and recoil pads (butt pads). Not everything can be interchanged between the 500s, FLEX -22 and MVP FLEX guns, but, for instance, the Flex 500 and FLEX-22 can share recoil pads while all three guns can swap butt stocks and grips.

The FLEX 500 can use several different forends and barrels.

Equally impressively, changing out all these different parts is done with extraordinary rapidity thanks to Mossberg’s Tool-less Locking System (TLS) architecture that uses snap tight interlocking parts and thumb screws. The FLEX 500 All Purpose is designed for adults and is a 12 gauge. The barrel is the longest of this trio, and comes in at 28” of length. Length of pull is 14.25” while overall length is 48.25”. It’s also the heaviest at 7.5 pounds. All three guns have a blued barrel, but the FLEX 500 All Purpose’s barrel is matte blued.

Buy Mossberg 500 Flex All Purpose

The Mossberg® FLEX™ 500® Pump-Action Shotgun features Mossberg’s TLS, Tool-less Locking System, that enables shooters to rapidly switch stocks, forends, and recoil pads, using a single receiver as the core component for wide array of shotgun configurations. Mixing and matching optional buttstocks, forends, recoil pads, and barrels let’s you customize your Model 500 receiver into a specialized slug gun, waterfowl gun, home defense shotgun; and also change the LOP for varying statures. The FLEX 500 uses any standard Mossberg 500 barrel, giving you an endless choice of lengths, chokes, and sights. FLEX?TLS components mount and remove from the gun in seconds—without tools. The Mossberg FLEX 500 All-Purpose comes with a vent-ribbed, ported barrel with twin beads and 3 Accu Set screw-in choke tubes (F, M, IC). A straight synthetic butt stock with stout recoil pad reduces recoil, and the textured synthetic forend provides a secure hold when cycling the action. The ultra reliable Model 500 pump-action shotgun uses dual action bars, dual extractors, an anti-jam shell elevator, and a large locking lug for a solid steel-to-steel, bolt-to-barrel connection. Shooters can reach the top-mounted safety quickly with the thumb of either hand, making it naturally ambidextrous. The modular FLEX 500 pump shotgun give you versatility for most any shooting situation.

  • TLS, Tool-less Locking System
  • Easily switches stocks, forends, and recoil pads
  • Allows customized Model 500 configurations
  • Vent-ribbed, ported barrel
  • Dual action bars
  • Dual extractors
  • Anti-jam shell elevator
  • Steel-to-steel bolt lock up
  • Accu Set screw-in choke tubes
  • Ambidextrous, top-mounted safety
  • Recoil pad and sling swivel studs


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