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Mossberg 500 Combo Field Deer 12, 20 Gauge Pump Shotgun For Sale

The Mossberg® 500® Combo Field/Deer offers hunters an incredibly versatile pump-action shotgun, suited for hunting a wide range of game, including deer, hogs, waterfowl, upland birds, and turkey. The Field/Deer pump shotgun comes with 1 vent-ribbed, smoothbore, ported barrel that accepts Accu-Choke tubes and 1 fully rifled barrel with a cantilever scope base. The rifled barrel comes outfitted with a 2.5x20mm scope sight. The synthetic buttstock comes with 2 interchangeable combs, allowing the shooter to adjust the height to align the eye with optical sights. Twin beads on the ribbed barrel provide quick sight acquisition. The 3″ chamber functions with b 2-3/4″ and 3″ shells to enhance the 500’s versatility for shooting a variety of loads. Dual action bars prevent binding and twisting while cycling the action, and a single, large locking lug locks the bolt into the barrel extension, ensuring a solid steel bolt-to-barrel connection. Dual extractors take a solid hold on the shell’s rim for reliable extraction. The aluminum alloy receiver keeps weight down and resists corrosion. The tang safety is quickly reached with the thumb of either hand, making it naturally ambidextrous. The Mossberg 500 disassembles into sub-components for cleaning and maintenance by unscrewing the magazine cap (which stays on the barrel); the trigger assembly drops out easily for with the removal of only 1 pin. For years, military, law enforcement, and hardcore hunters have chosen Mossberg pump shotguns for their simplistic design and reliability. The 500 Combo Field/Deer Pump-Action Shotgun comes with an Accu-Choke® tube set, a durable recoil pad, and sling swivel studs.

  • 2 barrels offer tremendous versatility
  • 1 vent-ribbed, smoothbore barrel
  • 1 rifled barrel with cantilever base
  • Rifled barrel comes with 2.5×20 scope
  • Comes with 2 interchangeable combs
  • Ultra-reliable dual action bars
  • Solid bolt-to-barrel connection
  • Synthetic stock and forearm
  • Anodized alloy receiver
  • Ported blued barrels
  • Tang safety
  • 3 Accu-Set chokes

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