Mossberg 500 Youth Super Bantam – All-Purpose

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MODEL: #54161

Gauge 20
Capacity 5+1
Chamber 3″
Barrel Type Vent Rib
Barrel Length 22″
Sight/Base Dual Bead
Choke Accu-Set
LOP Type Adjustable
LOP 12″-13″
Barrel Finish Muddy Girl Wild
Stock Finish Synthetic (Muddy Girl Wild) w/ Spacer
Weight 5.25
Length 39.75″
UPC 015813541619


Buy brand new Mossberg 500 Youth Super Bantam All Purpose 20 Gauge Pump action Shotgun for sale

The 5+1 capacity Mossberg 500 Youth Super Bantam are affordable, entry-level 20-gauge pump-action shotguns. Both enjoy the common receiver and action as all other Mossberg 500 models. And this a great thing as Mossberg initiated 500 series production in 1962. It has since sold millions and is one of history’s most successful shotguns.

The 500 Youth Super Bantam wields a 22” vent rib barrel that’s topped by both a front-bead and a mid-bead. You get it standard with three Briley Accu-Set (Skeet, Improved Cylinder and Modified) chokes. These chokes are beautifully crafted with tapering flutings and come with their own carrying case.

Length of pull is adjustable from 12” to 13” by using an included 1” thick black spacer between the end of the stock and the thick black rubber buttpad. You wouldn’t want a gun this size to be too heavy or too long. Mossberg agrees and delivers the gun at 5.25 pounds within an overall length that’s just 39.75”. Capacity is 5+1 (five in the tube and one in the chamber) 2-3/4” shells.

The synthetic stock has a classic American silhouette, albeit one that’s shortened. Behind it is the thick black “checkered” recoil pad. It’s skeletonized and soaks up plenty of recoil. There are also integrated sling studs at front on the magazine cap and in back on the stock’s bottom slope.

The most vibrant model uses a whimsical Muddy Girl Wild stock that’s designed more to excite its users than help hide them. Its trendy pink, gray, violet and black seem graffiti inspired.

Variants of this gun include the all black 500 Super Bantam – All-Purpose, the camouflaged 500 Super Bantam – Turkey and 500 Super Bantam – Waterfowl models. These differ only in color. The 500 Super Bantam – Field/Deer Combo comes with two easily swapped barrels. The second is a fully rifled 24” length barrel with adjustable rifle sights. It makes total length 41.75”.

Like the rest of Mossberg’s 500 shotguns, this group features dual extractors. Break open the gun, and spent casings await easy removal. They have twin action bars. An anti-jam elevator gets you smooth operations time and time again. There is positive steel to steel lockup. The sliding red dot tang safety is ergonomically ideal and ambidextrous. And naturally, they have nicely done forend and grip texturing.

For more than a decade the Mossberg 500 pump-action shotgun has served as one of the most practical starter shotguns ever made. Now with the same standards of quality dependability and safety in mind shooters and hunters will find the 500 Super Bantam truly remarkable. Unequalled in practicality and loaded with custom-like features these new pump-action shotguns provide an affordable opportunity for beginning and growing shooters to get started with a safe and reliable shotgun. The Mossberg 500 Bantam is the choice of youngsters and smaller stature adults – from beginners to seasoned shooters alike. With the same standards of dependability and safety in mind Mossberg now offers the 500 Super Bantam 20-gauge pump. Like the 500 Bantam it is geared for young sportsmen and smaller framed shooters.


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