B&T Side Folding Stock for APC9/45/223/300

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Buy B&T Side Folding Stock for APC9/45/223/300 For Sale Online.


So you’re looking to upgrade your APC9/45/223/300, huh? Well, look no further than the B&T Side Folding Stock! This stock is designed to enhance the portability of your firearm without sacrificing functionality. The side folding feature allows for easy storage and transport, while the durable construction ensures reliability in any situation. Plus, with its sleek design and adjustable length of pull, you’ll shoot with greater comfort and accuracy than ever before. And luckily for you, buying online makes this upgrade just a few clicks away! So go ahead and treat yourself to the B&T Side Folding Stock for your APC9/45/223/300—you won’t be disappointed.

B&T’s complete side folding stock assembly with single point sling swivel for all Brugger & Thomet APC models, APC9, APC45, APC223 and APC300.

Installs using existing push pins, no modification required for installation.

Supplied to law enforcement and military units around the world by a reputable OEM supplier of H&K


  • Length: 9.75 inches
  • Weight: 12.8 ounces
  • Material: Polymer
  • Mounting: Existing Push Pins
  • Compatibility: APC9, APC45, APC223, APC300


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