250 Rounds of 12ga Ammo by Winchester – #1 Buck





Buy 250 Rounds of 12ga Ammo by Winchester – #1 Buck For Sale Online


A heavy hitting load made specifically for field use on medium and large game when you can get within 150 feet of the target. This #1 Buckshot is a devastating round at that range with 24 pellets in a 3” Magnum shell with a high base and using the Winchester Super-X build. You get Winchester quality in a great game size that makes it suitable for deer, and other medium and large game.

Reloadable shells, but with the price point for such a versatile hunting round, it might not make sense to reload these. The 24 pellets deliver a great pattern on big game at moderate shotgunning distances, and finds a sweet spot at 25-50 yards or so. The lead delivery at that range with this load is an massive impact on game and is truly an instant kill for most game. The density is enhanced by the quality components Winchester makes this load with. You are getting good American made quality hunting ammunition that is reliable and has a proven track record for this particular game and in this particular load.

Suitable ONLY in 3” magnum chambers rifles.

Ammo Overview

Quantity – 5 rounds per box; 50 boxes per case
Manufacturer – Winchester Super-X
Load – 3″ #1 Buckshot


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